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video of cystoscopy of patient 6

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Patient 6
36-year-old female. Through 6 years pain from right hip (monoarthritis). Astma and allergy to
"birk". Cornea inflammation several times.
Developed urinary symptoms 3 years ago during pregnancy.
Cystoscopy showed inflammation and ulcer.
Morphology: inflammation.
Treatment: silver nitrate installation with no effect.
Now referred because of intolerable bladder pain (Dept. of Rheumatology). Treatment supp. MAP
(morphine-atropin) with reasonable effect.
In the outpatient clinic, the patient is started on Gepan installations and amitriptylin 90 mg/ day and
gabapentin 300 mg/day with some effect.
Cystoscopy GA: capacity 800 ml. Hunner lesion. Complicated by bladder perforation.
After 1 month: pain free, nocturia x 1; still on amitriptylin.
After 3 months: no pain, no medicine.
After 15 months: recurrence of some frequency, no pain
Cystoscopy GA: bladder capacity. Inflammation around the previously treated lesions.

video: Jørgen Nordling










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