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video of cystoscopy of patient 4

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Patient 4
58-year-old female. Through many years severe symptoms of bladder pain syndrome.
Severe bladder and pelvic pain, nocturia every 15 minutes. Sitting in the toilet all day.
Voiding diary: 42 voidings per 24 hours with 13 during nighttime. Volume 25-150 ml.
Diuresis 3000 ml.
Urinary diversion scheduled.
CT: asymmtrical bladder with thickened left wall.
Cystoscopy under general anaesthesia: bladder capacity 225 ml.
Hunner lesions in the left side.
After 3 weeks: pain free but still bothered by frequency
After 4 months: same
After 11 months: symptoms starting to come back. New cystoscopy planned.

video: Jørgen Nordling









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