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video of cystoscopy of patient 3

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Patient 3
48-year-old man. Lower urinary tract symptoms through many years. In 2005 detoriation with frequency (11-16),
nocturia (1-2) urgency and perineal pain. Functional capacity 50-300 ml.
Urodynamics: normal (low pressure-low flow (15ml/s)).
Hb, electrolytes, PSA normal, CRP<3.
Digital rectal examination: normal.
Antimuscarinics: no effect.
Antibiotics: no effect.
Send back to general practioner 2007, but re-referred 2 months later.
Steroids for nasal polyps: good effect on bladder symptoms.
Cystoscopy under general anaesthesia: bladder capacity 1000 ml.
Hunner lesion.
2 months later: no symptoms except some dysuria in the beginning and ending of voiding.

video: Jørgen Nordling









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