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literature on chronic non-bacterial prostatitis and BPS
The ESSIC obtained consensus on a new classification of IC and to replace the name IC by BPS (bladder pain syndrome) followed by a type indication. Click here for more details.

This page consists of three sections:

chronic non-bacterial prostatitis

granulomatous prostatitis

  • Granulomatous prostatitis.
    Uzoh CC, Uff JS, Okeke AA. BJU Int 2006 Dec 1; [Epub ahead of print]
    • granulomatous prostatitis (GnP) accounts for about 1% of benign inflammatory conditions of the prostate
    • GnP mimics prostate cancer clinically, histologically, biochemically, ultrasonographically and radiologically
    • carcinoma was clinically suspected in up to 59% of cases of GnP and cCarcinoma coexisted in 10–14% of patients with clinically diagnosed GnP
    • in this review the dilemma of clinical management, especially when GnP is found on prostatic biopsies, is discussed

eosinophilic prostatitis

  • [A 46-year-old-patient with granulomatous prostatitis, arthralgia and haemorrhagic rhinitis] [Article in German]
    Heldmann F, Brandt J, Schoppe H, et al. Dtsch Med Wochenschr 2006;131:22-5

autoimmune prostatitis

chronic bacterial prostatitis    


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