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Joop P van de Merwe
former ESSIC Secretary and webmaster
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NEW Review of the ESSIC Annual Meeting, 21-23 September 2017, Budapest, Hungary by Jane Meijlink.


COMING EVENTS - a selection  
November 29-December 1, 2018
Florence, Italy
ESSIC Annual Meeting, Florence, Italy
NEW Bladder Pain Syndrome– An Evolution

P.M. Hanno, J. Nordling, D.R. Staskin, A.J. Wein, J.J. Wyndaele (Eds.)
Current guidelines compiled from the United States, Europe and Asia will be provided, which discuss disease management to give the reader a quick reference guide.

Contains chapters from members of the International Association for the Study of Bladder Pain Syndrome. Written from a global perspective.

This updated volume provides reflections on the original edition, as well as information on the developments that have occurred within bladder pain syndrome since the publication of the first edition. The epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, and management of bladder pain syndrome are all covered. The book aims to give healthcare providers up to date guidelines and management suggestions within a quick-reference text. This book is relevant to clinicians who focus on bladder pain syndrome, as well as the gynaecologists, general urologists, and primary care providers who see these patients as a part of their practice.

2nd ed. 2018, VII, 175 p. 177 illus., 108 illus. in color.





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